Oxo-degradable Bags

Swisspac Philippines manufactures Stock Oxo-Degradable Bags in brown and white colors. Our biodegradable bags, also known as “Bak2earth”, are made 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic.

We offer several Oxo-Degradable packaging Bags sizes. The heaviness is based on coffee beans and therefore may differ from your product.

Silica gel is derived from silicon silicate and is a widely used desiccant as it demonstrates a natural propensity to absorb moisture from its immediate surroundings. It is synthetically manufactured from silicon dioxide. A desiccant is a substance that is used as a drying agent as it has the ability to adsorb moisture. Though it is referred to as a gel, in its amorphous form, it resembles translucent grains of sand.

Oxo-Degradable bags are also available as;

Custom Oxo Degradable Bags
Oxo Degradable Bags with Custom Print
Digital Printed Biodegradable Bags
Custom Compostable Bags
Biodegradable Paper Bags
Printed Biodegradable Paper Bags
Eco-Friendly Bags

Because just like you, Swisspac Philippines also cares about the environment!

Biodegradable Paper Bags

Biodegradable Paper Bags

Biodegradable Paper Bags