Custom Oxo-Degradable Bags

Swisspac Philippines manufactures Custom Oxo-degradable bags by the used of supplements that promote rapid polymer degradation after disposal. The bags are moisture resistant and are able to withstand loads.

There is lots of confusion about the difference between biodegradable and compostable bags, here some major differences are as given below.

Biodegradable plastics made from many different sources and materials. these bags are made of 90% plastic polymers and 10% additives, which are acidic in nature and starts up slowly eating the plastic. After some time the plastic will be cut into small pieces and will take a few years to compost into the soil. Compostable bags are made of 100% renewal source like Starch based plastics are mainly harvested from wheat, potatoes, rice, and corn or another wood pulp.Of these four starches, corn is the most commonly used and is the least expensive starch. This is 100% compostable as after sometime the bags are eaten by bacteria in the soil.

Swisspac uses rotogravure machine technique to print in up to 9 colors. Your company logo and other important information can also be printed on the bags.

There are several different types of styles available in biodegradable bags such as:
Doypack package
Package with side gusset
Vacuum bags
Paper bags, all biodegradable packaging.