Coffee Bag

Swisspac Philippines have several forms and sizes of coffee bags. We are interested and fully dedicated in this sector of the market, so we have developed the quality of plastic bags and paper bags that we produce in order to maintain the quality of coffee beans that will be packaged inside the coffee bag or coffee bag.

The coffee packaging bags are made of several types, there are

Plastic bags
Paper bags straight
parked And packing bags with side bends.

We also provides customers with the possibility to add a following fitment like
Transparent window (customers can see the product)
Resealable zipper or zippers (To open and close inside the coffee bag or coffee bag easily when needed).

Our specially designed plastic bags are the result of our long experience in packing and packaging.

All plastic bags and paper bags for the packaging of coffee beans contain a valve that expels the gases from the inside of the bag so that the coffee keeps its distinctive flavor of the gases and external factors. Each coffee packaging bag also contains an internal coating layer that maintains the quality of coffee beans from moisture and other factors that can spoil its quality.

We offer you two choices, pre-packaged bags or bags with logo printing or design for your products. We have a distinguished team of graphic designers. If you do not have design or have an old design and want to change, we provide you with this service.